English version of my blog

English version of my blog


It’s interesting: 20% of the accesses to my German-language blog do not come from the German-speaking area. That’s why I will publish an existing article in English version every week and make my website an international blog.

List of my articles in english version


Burnout connects us

I don't like borders. Neither mental nor national borders. We humans on this wonderful planet unite more than separates us. Whether it's the same goals, desires, needs or even illnesses or psychological strain - we are all human beings.

Thus we can support each other much better, exchange information or learn from others. The causes of burnout and depression are the same everywhere. The ways out are the same.

I'm looking forward to your comments, in whichever language. There are now very good translation tools on the Internet. For example, I use www.deepl.com. This text was translated in full with deepl.

Please don't be angry if a translation is not perfect. Let us all admit our little weaknesses. These should not separate us:)

Best regards

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